Saturday, January 20, 2007


2007 Rotten Tomato and Golden Apple Award Nominees

The awards judging committee is now accepting nominations for the 2007 Rotten Tomato and Golden Apple Awards. Golden Apples are awarded in recognition of individuals who contribute to consumer awareness about Juice Plus by providing honest, insightful, and reliable information. Rotten Tomatoes are given in recognition of individuals who show flagrant disregard for scientific truth and fair advertising practices, disseminate false and misleading information about Juice Plus, illicitly promote Juice Plus for the prevention or cure of diseases, or accept large sums of money from National Safety Associates to conduct research. Nominees to date include the following individuals:

2007 Golden Apple Award Nominees
Cheryl L. Rock, PhD, RD. (Moores Cancer Center, UC San Diego, CA)
Mike Jezercak, PhD (University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK)
Renee Schwendinger (St. Anthony's Medical Center, St. Louis, MO)
Lori Shontz (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, MO)
Jane Korsberg, MS, RD, LD (School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve U.)

2007 Rotten Tomato Award Nominees
Kim Dalzell (JP distributor)
Eric N. Rydland (JP distributor)
Griselda Mussett (JP distributor)
Karen A. Jones (JP distributor)
Robert G. Schwartz (JP distributor)
Raji Rykert (JP distributor)
Cheryl Lawrence (JP distributor)
Pam Popper (JP distributor)
Linda K. Hughes (JP distributor)
Joan Shumaker (JP distributor)
Lee N. Sheldon (JP distributor)
Lorne Hofseth (NSA-funded JP researcher)

Don't forget to submit your nominations!

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