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Readers Respond (April 08, 2008)

From Anonymous (April 08, 2008)
Oh my! I am glad you allow anonymous posts because I am not sure I want my name associated with my past mistakes.

I tried the “Juice Plus” product out of “unending devotion, concern, and deep love” by a Juice Plus relative. I thought I was getting something as part of a “free” children’s research program. It turned out that the children’s product was free, so long as I purchased an equivalent amount for myself. I let this go on for multiple years; and I ended up about $1,000 poorer as a result.

To compound my embarrassment: Just prior to my Juice Plus experience I was swindled in a used-car sale; paid $2,000 for a vacuum cleaner that I didn’t like; and my son convinced me that Encarta took the word “gullible” out of its dictionary. I realized I had some kind of genetic defect; and had to be on-guard against snake-oil salesman.

Even with this life experience, I fell for the Juice Plus story. After all, someone LOVED ME! They really LOVED ME (hint: Nora Desmond)!

I have learned the truth in recent months. I talked to an attorney about possibly recouping my $1,000 for Juice Plus; and I was encouraged to submit a compliant with my state’s consumer regulatory agency.

Frankly, the stories on your website have eased my anguish.

I am convinced that the side-effects of Juice Plus include: foul-language, spelling errors, a fascination with body functions and oral copulation, and overcompensation for physical shortcomings (in men, specifically).

Can you PLEASE publish more of your pro-JP letters (with your notation)? I could use a good laugh.

From Anonymous (April 07, 2008)
Hi, thanks for this website. I was approached by a Juice Plus representative who got me interested in Juice Plus. A way to get all the nutrients of all those fruits and veggies, without all the work and effort involved in actually eating the recommended amount of fruits/veggies each day? Count me in! Of course, it would be stupid of me to soley rely on Juice Plus's advertising in making a decision to buy their product, so I just googled Juice Plus. What I found was a firestorm of criticism aimed not only at JP's multi-level-marketting techniques, but also at the inefficacy of their product.

This blog sealed the nail in the coffin for me when it comes to Juice Plus. I'll be damned if they get any of my money! I'll just stick with putting fresh fruits and veggies in a blender and drinking the resulting concoction if I want a quick and easy way to get the nutrition of fruits and veggies. Thanks, Juice Plus Research Blog.

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