Thursday, March 29, 2007


Juice Plus Research Blog Honored By Three Fat Chicks

Popular diet website Three Fat Chicks On A Diet has listed the Juice Plus Research Blog among its 12 “most reputable health and nutrition websites on the net".[1] Described as an “excellent website” that “busts the myths behind Juice Plus”, the Juice Plus Research Blog was included alongside such esteemed company as Cornell University, the National Institutes of Health, Mayo Clinic, Berkeley Wellness Letter, IntelliHealth, and WebMD.

Sisters Suzanne Barnett, Jennifer Barnett, and Amy Barnett launched 3 Fat Chicks On A Diet in 1999 as a convenient way for them to share dieting stories and information. Since its inception, the site has grown into a major online presence with more than 60,000 members and now competes with major commercial diet websites like eDiets and Weight Watchers.

The widely praised website was awarded Best of the Web status by Forbes magazine[2] and received a 5-star rating from The Good Web Guide.[3] In 2006, the Barrett sisters followed up on the success of their website with 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet: Because We're All in It Together, a widely popular diet book that has consistently received rave reviews.[4][5]

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