Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Readers Respond (April 23, 2008): Juice Plus Distributor Reconsiders and Quits the Business

From Melissa Evans (April 23, 2008)
OK, I admit it. I liked the idea of JP+ enough to sell it (well, not really; just become a distributor so I could get the discount for my family, I don't like selling anything). A friend mentioned his skepticism towards the product and when I asked why, he sent me a lot of information - your blog, of course, being included.

First, thank you for the information you offer. I really appreciate the Golden Apple Awards, What Is (and Is Not) in Juice Plus, and many of the articles in the archives. I have to admit though, it was tough for me to get to them as I was going through many of the entries. It felt like so much was too bitter to be anything but a grudge for people who lack other outlets; a contest to see who could look the most sophisticated while beating the product to a pulp (pun sort of intended). It would have been easier for me, and perhaps others, if the venom were left out and just the amazing facts you have were presented.

Again, thank you. My renewal just came up (and for the record, it's only been one year) and I won't be wasting my money.

JPRB Reply
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and kind praise for our blog. We are thrilled that you found the information on the site useful and that it helped you to make an informed decision to drop out of the Juice Plus business. Your point about venom-free articles is duly noted. However, bear in mind that we like to give our core contributors and respondents some latitude to express their displeasure with Juice Plus and related entities, since there are very few venues where people can vent about Juice Plus to a receptive and like-minded audience. But rest assured that the vast majority of our content has been and will continue to be based on cold, dry analyses of information in the public domain, and whenever factual claims are made, they will be backed up by reliable citations that can easily be confirmed by anyone who cares to do so.

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