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Readers Respond (June 08, 2008)

From Big Gay Al (June 04, 2008)
I’m so sick and tired of Juice Plus – it’s beyond a joke; it’s a travesty. Everywhere I go, I see some chiropractor, masseuse, gym trainer, crystal therapist, or colonic technician trying to sell this stuff – all the bottom feeders (no pun intended) in the health and “wellness” realm. If they’re not pushing Juice Plus, than it’s some other idiotic insanely priced snakeoil wonder-fruit tonic or “ancient Chinese secret” supplement, and they all say the same things about curing cancer etc. (my god who knew it was so easy…and it was lurking under our noses all this time..LOL). If you do the unthinkable and actually ask basic questions (like, oh say, what’s actually in it and why isn’t it on the label) or challenge them on any of their ridiculous fabricated claims, they get angry and defensive and accuse you of being ignorant – it’s all very cult-like. It must be a sign of the sagging economy that people are turning to such desperate measures to supplement their incomes.

Half the people in the Juice Plus organization are lying through their teeth and the other half are varying shades of gullible, uneducated, and greedy. None of them know their asses from their elbows when it comes to health and nutrition. It’s a very appealing concept for some people – all it takes is for some wank chiropractor to anoint you at a Prevention Plus meeting and presto – you’re now a Juice Plus distributor, empowered with the healing touch and a mandate to plug “magic capsules” that will save the world from disease and eventually make you rich while you sit on you ass watching others work under you. Ya right! If this company was in such good shape their stock wouldn’t be down and they wouldn’t have had to hire an internet optimization expert to boost their Google rankings or a worn out hack like Isadore Rosenfeld to pitch for them. It’s all so laughable. I bet more people come here for information on Juice Plus then they do to the company's website. They are on thin ice and you guys are punching holes around them with a sledgehammer. Juice Plus will sink sooner or later.

I almost (but not quite) pity the distributors because only those who are truly desperate would try to make a business selling this scandalous shit. It must be getting a lot harder for them to con people since the JPRB started their investigative reporting. Good on ya!

From Old Doc Brown (June 09, 2008)
Amen Al! That letter really resonated with me. I’ve been to those Prevention Plus talks and let me tell you all, they are just like the old time traveling medicine shows that gave rise to the term snakeoil. These people have no shame. The entire “health seminar” was just a setup for the Juice Plus sales pitch and as Al mentioned, with lots of talk about cancer and diseases and about how Juice Plus was the simple answer to everything.

But I disagree with you Al on one point. Some people do make money “sitting on their asses” while people toil under them – it’s the national marketing directors that are giving those seminars. The entire scam seems to be designed so that they and a few higher-ups in the pyramid can con other (naïve) people into supporting them financially. All of the distributor training focuses on keeping the bottom level distributors eager and motivated, but it barely pays lip service to teaching them about the product (the less they know, the better for NSA) and what they are legally allowed to say about it.

But one of the things that gall me most about Juice Plus is that distributors are encouraged to target their own families for sales and to recruit them as distributors. That’s simply unforgivable. I’ve seen the harm that it causes first hand. The company preaches all this garbage about families this and families that, but the truth is, they only care about their own families – they don’t give a darn about anyone else’s. In practical terms, the organization behind Juice Plus is decidedly anti-family. They’ll lie to parents to make their kids take corn-syrup laden vitamin-deficient gummies, they’ll lie to pregnant mothers to get them to take Juice Plus as a prenatal supplement, and they’ll lie to cancer patients and risk their lives by telling them that they should take Juice Plus. They really have sold their souls for the almighty dollar.

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