Thursday, April 23, 2009


Katz Study Shows Lack of Effect of Juice Plus on Cardiovascular Function

The results of a study conducted by David Katz[1] and funded by Juice Plus manufacturer National Safety Associates (NSA) showed that subjects taking Juice Plus for 8 weeks had no significant changes in various parameters of cardiovascular health. In a November 29, 2004 article published by Yale Daily News,[2] it was announced that NSA gave Katz $200,000 to conduct the research. It was planned that the study would enroll 40 overweight insulin-resistant adults over 12 months.

The study was never published; however, a July 2008 news report by The Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center[3] announced that the study had in fact been completed and that it showed that Juice Plus had no effects whatsoever on cardiovascular function. According to the Center:
“Participants took the Juice Plus capsules, or a placebo, daily for eight weeks. At the end of that period, endothelial function improved slightly in all groups; no difference as seen between placebo and supplementation, nor did we find a significant difference serum insulin, blood glucose, body weight, total cholesterol, or LDL cholesterol. A number of studies of Juice Plus on various disease status markers have been carried out (; however, while some of these studies suggest cardiovascular benefits associated with Juice Plus, our study did not show that endothelial function is affected by Juice Plus consumption.”
Although the study was concluded at least 9 months ago, NSA’s Juice Plus website still lists it as “research underway” and does not mention the study’s negative conclusions.[4]

Katz’s business relationship with NSA has continued however. The company gave Katz yet another grant, this time to produce a child-targeted DVD entitled “Nutrition Detectives”, which is promoted by NSA and sells for $5 per copy on Katz website.[5]

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