Saturday, March 01, 2008


Readers Respond (March 1, 2008): More on Morons, Juice Plus, and Pregnancy

From Chantal (March 1, 2008)
I can’t thank you enough for the information you are posting here. I was livid after reading your comments about how Juice Plus is being fraudulently promoted as a replacement for prenatal vitamins. I just passed the first trimester of my pregnancy and am taking prenatal vitamins as my doctor recommended (he didn’t plug any particular brand).

Well, hubby treated me to a day at the spa a few weeks ago, and one of the girls who worked there (an aesthetician!!!) was trying to railroad me into buying Juice Plus from her. She said that there was clinical research showing that they were far more effective than prenatal vitamins, and that prenatal vitamins can actually be toxic to the fetus. I understand from my research and the articles on this blog that both of her statements were completely false. She also said that she knew other moms (well actually it was more like “a friend of a friend” that had told her) who had safely taken Juice Plus throughout their pregnancies and that they had amazing results.

She also claimed the exact same story about the midwife commenting on how healthy the umbilical cord was (what a load of crap). As I understand it, she was also wrong when she said that Juice Plus is safe for pregnancy – supplements don’t go through any safety testing and no safety research has been done on Juice Plus, for pregnant women or anyone else.

What’s worse than all her BS was her attitude when I told her I wasn’t interested in buying any Juice Plus. She basically told me that I was gambling with my baby’s health by not taking Juice Plus, essentially accusing me of being cheap and an unfit mother (something to the effect of “isn’t your baby’s health worth it”), and that better doctors than my OB/GYN (who is a truly outstanding physician) all supported Juice Plus as a prenatal supplement. I was so offended I wanted to slap her across the face but resisted the urge. I just politely declined and then fumed about it to my husband for the next few days. Then I found your blog, thankfully. After reading your information, I have no doubt in my mind that what the Juice Plus folks are doing is irresponsible at least and criminal at worst. How can these idiots be so greedy as to jeopardize the health of unborn children just to make a few more dollars? They are scum in my opinion and nothing they can say will change that.

What I wanted to point out to you, in case you haven’t seen it already, is the BS that Mitra Ray has been writing about Juice Plus as a prenatal vitamin. Here is the URL to one of her documents. I would love to hear your opinion.,87,1,Documents&MediaID=331&Filename=Dr_Ray_Prenatal_Nutition_2008.pdf

Keep up the fight JPRB. My husband and I love you guys and support you 100% in your efforts. If anyone ever launches legal action against the makers of Juice Plus, please count me in because I would be happy to testify about the deceptive and predatory tactics that are being used to sell the product.

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