Saturday, February 24, 2007


Readers Respond

Thanks to Ray and Scott who wrote to us this week with their thoughts on Juice Plus.

From Ray (Feb 22, 2007):
I just found your website and am SO glad---PLEASE tell me what, if any, action has been taken re: Juice Plus as far as notifying the authorities who can DO SOMETHING about all of Juice Plus' untruths. I don't understand why the FDA or whoever continues to allow this kind of thing. I always thought the FDA came down like a hammer on the supplement industry for all the "claims" out there by supplement manufacturers. I have friends selling Juice Plus, and when I try to tell them this stuff their eyes glaze over. It's like they've been brainwashed.

Reply from the JPRB Team:
Ray, we share your disgust wholeheartedly. The FDA, sadly, is overtaxed when it comes to policing false/misleading claims made by supplement manufacturers and they will only come down hard after they have received enough consumer complaints and well documented examples of violations. If you feel motivated, send letters to the FTC, FDA, AMA, Better Business Bureau, and state representatives. Have a look at our Regulations and Guidelines section. If you decide to take action and need any advice, just holler and we’ll do whatever we can to help you. Best wishes and good luck.

From Scott Brewer BSN (Feb 21, 2007):
Greetings. A friend got me started on Juice plus quoting all the benefits from it. Well I started taking it only a few days, then missed a day so I took all 4 of the capsules at night time. That was a about one week ago and I have not been able to sleep for a week. I am a registered nurse so I have some insight to the world of nutrition. I started to do some research on this product, which led me to your web site. Thanks for all the insight into juice plus. If you know of anyone that has had a similar problem (insommnia) please let me know. I have stopped taking the product and will not do so again. Thank you.

Reply from the JPRB Team:
We don't recall hearing of insomnia as a side effect and it's difficult to say for sure which constituent might have caused it. In Europe, the product labels list CoQ10 as an ingredient but it's unclear whether it is also included in the US version. If you try a Google search for “CoQ10 + insomnia” you will see that it is not unheard of as a side effect. You should report your adverse reaction to NSA or NAI, although they are not obliged to share the information or to take any action whatsoever. You might also consider reporting to the FDA. In any event, your choice to stop taking Juice Plus seems to us to be a wise one. We hope you get some sleep soon.

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