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Physician Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Patients is Ordered by Medical Board to Stop Selling Juice Plus

News reports recently uncovered by the Juice Plus Research Blog team have revealed that Dr. Meindert Albert Niemeyer, a Juice Plus distributor in Elon, NC who, subsequent to being convicted of assault and false imprisonment for sexually fondling female patients during unsupervised medical examinations, was ordered by the State Medical Board to stop selling Juice Plus.[1,2,3,4]

According to the reports, Niemeyer, who worked at the Alamance Family Practice clinic in Elon at the time the crimes took place, was forced to surrender his medical license after the North Carolina Medical Board investigated his aggressive selling of Juice Plus nutritional supplements to patients, as well as his attempts to recruit patients to sell it.

Subsequent to an investigation by the Greensboro Police Department, criminal charges were filed against Niemeyer in March of 2003 for the assault of a 21-year-old female patient. He was later tried in August 2003 in Alamance County District Court for eight counts of assault on a female and one count of false imprisonment in association with incidents involving a total of 6 patients. During the trial, the victims testified that, in addition to fondling them, Niemeyer repeatedly tried to recruit them to sell Juice Plus.

On August 25, Niemeyer was found guilty of six of the eight counts of assault and of the one count of false imprisonment, and was placed on probation. The North Carolina Medical Board suspended Niemeyer’s medical license indefinitely on May 20, 2004[5] on the basis that his criminal acts and selling of Juice Plus consituted unprofessional conduct according to North Carolina general statute 90-14.[6]

In 2006 the North Carolina Medical Board agreed to grant Niemeyer conditional reinstatement of his license with the stipulation that he must continue counseling, provide quarterly reports of his progress, obey laws and regulations, have a chaperone present when he sees female patients, and stop selling Juice Plus to patients.[7]

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[6] North Carolina General Statute § 90‑14. Revocation, suspension, annulment or denial of license.

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Just curious, what does a doctor being convicted of sexual assault have to do with whether or not Juice Plus+ is a reputable product? Furthermore, why would Dr. Sears and so many others put their names on the line if JP was such a horrible product? Money? I think they have enough of that...
To Anonymous:

Your comments are consistent with our assertion that there are two kinds of people who sell Juice Plus: (1) ignorant people (2) those who are motivated by profit and greed. Your inane questions show that you fall under category #1, although we can't rule out #2.

The answer to the myopic question “what does a doctor being convicted of sexual assault have to do with whether or not Juice Plus is a reputable product” is, absolutely nothing. But the real question should have been “what does a doctor being convicted of sexual assault -- WHO WAS SANCTIONED FOR REPEATEDLY TRYING TO GET HIS VICTIMS TO SELL JUICE PLUS FOR HIM -- have to do with whether or not Juice Plus is a reputable product”, to which the answer should be obvious to anyone who is not an idiot or a brainwashed Juice Plus drone. The physician’s selling of Juice Plus was of sufficient concern to the North Carolina Medical Board that he was ordered, as a condition for reinstatement of his license to practice medicine, to stop selling the product to patients.

Niemeyer’s case vividly attests to the character of at least some of the people who sell Juice Plus. What kind of person would sell Juice Plus? Someone like Niemeyer, of course; someone willing to abuse their position of authority; exploit, violate and abuse their patients; and disregard the law without remorse.

This story about Niemeyer, an unethical Juice Plus distributor who abused his patients and attempted to profit from them through coercion, leads us to Juice Plus spokesperson and profiteer William (Bill) Sears, MD and your other inane question: “why would Dr. Sears and so many others put their names on the line if JP was such a horrible product? Money? I think they have enough of that...” We will answer that question with 2 questions: (a) are you 9-years old or did you just fall off the turnip truck? (b) How much money is “enough” money for a greedy, whorish bastard?

Sears endorses the product because he and his sons sell the product. As long as there are people stupid enough to fall for the Juice Plus scam, it will be profitable for Sears to whore himself as a Juice Plus distributor. He may now be realizing that he runs a considerable risk in doing so, since the truth about Juice Plus is finally becoming public knowledge. Let’s see how quickly he backpedals and changes his story once the FTC and FDA start dropping the axe on National Safety Associates. Once the heat is on, Bill Sears will bail on Juice Plus in a heartbeat, in an attempt to protect what little is left of his reputation. Fortunately, we will be there to remind everyone that Bill Sears was harshly criticized by the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports for appearing in Juice Plus advertising in which he claimed that Juice Plus Gummies were a “nutritional alternative to fruits and vegetables” for children. We’ll also remind people of how Dr. Jim Sears, the son of Bill Sears, recommended giving Juice Plus capsules and Gummies to 8-month old toddlers. Only a greedy, irresponsible ass could make such a claim.

As to the “others” you referred to as “putting their names” on Juice Plus, who are we really talking about? Mitra Ray? Richard DuBois? Doug Odom? Susan Silberstein? Delia Garcia? Gerald Tulzer? Are you not aware that they all sell the product too? Who cares about what this bunch of self-interested and unreliable hacks have to say about Juice Plus?

All the facts are here on the website, so read them and try to open your mind. This is not rocket science and everything we have stated has been carefully referenced so that anyone can verify the information independently. Hopefully you can now stop bothering us with stupid questions. If you refuse to see the plain facts in front of you, then we are sorry to say, you are beyond salvation.

The JPRB Team
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