Thursday, June 14, 2007


Readers Respond (June 14, 2007)

From Bstnrose4444 (June 14 2007)
I would like to see if what I am about to say actually gets published here. I am a healthy 46 yr old female; height/weight/fine. Only issue was hyperthyroid - now on levoxyl. I eat well, sleep well.. should tone up about 5 lbs. I look great for my age. I take some vitamins.. over the counter.. sometimes a multi, sometimes A/D-cod liver oil, sometimes omega's, most times iron and B-all. I treat vitamins as a SUPPLEMENT to my life. To be taken as an addition to my healthy diet. I recently got a mammogram/CT scan.. all said I am fine-healthy. Which brings me to writing this.

WHY would my neighbor/friend who is heavy and doesn't sleep well - gets a stiff neck- then headaches.. bring this Juice Plus to me? I ignored it in the past.. but now she gave me the 3 bottles and talked of 2 per this and 2 per that and 1.. that is 5 pills a day. I looked them over- added up the vitamins and LACK of ( no B, iron, D) but I see a big overdose of A and E! per day! GEE... could this me the reason she is not sleeping/getting a stiff neck and headaches??

I think this stuff is poisoning her. Of course her neuropathic Dr. or Chiropractor prescribed this! I am furious at this poisoning and she doesn't even realize it! Where is the Dr. to follow-up in this? Oh - no fiber either or omega's, etc.

Now that I did read the site discounting this Juice Plus - I see why. It is very easy to read what is in these vitamin bottles and make your own decision of this overdosing and lack of other vitamins. Now, how do I gracefully tell her my findings? I wouldn't mind if this was a normal MLM product and all.. but to see the outright trash they are selling is very scary.

bstnrose - yes it is very scary. I don't have any advice other that to just tell her what you found and what your opinion on the product is.

Don't be surprised if she doesn't take your advice. My family memeber sure didn't. Good luck.
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