Thursday, February 21, 2008


Foul-Mouthed Juice Plus National Marketing Director Issues Stunning Statement to JPRB

Shortly after publishing the results of a scathingly critical review of Juice Plus vitamin supplements by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI),[1] the Juice Plus Research Blog (JPRB) received a lewd and sexually explicit e-mail from an irate Juice Plus national marketing director.

The individual in question, Douglas Barlow,[2] operates Shining Star International[3] (in conjunction with his wife Sanghmitra “Mitra” Ray), a support and training service for Juice Plus distributors. Ray, who has been the subject of previous articles by the JPRB,[4][5] is an official Juice Plus spokesperson,[6][7] and the couple conducts Juice Plus promotional seminars for National Safety Associates (NSA),[8] the products’ manufacturer. Ray and Barlow are also Juice Plus distributors.[9][10] The complete unedited text of Barlow’s letter to the JPRB follows:

From Douglas Barlow ( 2/21/08:

“Blow Me: You clowns probably read the national enquirer and think it’s all true as well – get a life! So glad you are out crusading for “consumer interest”. Oops, gotta go rip off some more people, cuz that’s my mission in life, just like you disgruntled folks. Thanks for the laugh and don’t forget to swallow. Best wishes, Doug.”

Several aspects of Barlow’s communiqué are startling. Most notably, Barlow’s invitation to perform fellatio is grossly inappropriate, especially considering that he is a Juice Plus national marketing director. We are shocked to see such unprofessional conduct from someone as senior in the Juice Plus organization as Barlow – or at least we should be shocked, but sadly, this type of rude and idiotic behavior emanating from the highest levels of the Juice Plus pyramid does not seem to be the exception but rather the rule.

What we found most surprising is that Barlow attempted to denigrate the sources of information cited by the JPRB as being somehow equivalent in quality to the National Enquirer. Again, this type of head-in-the-sand denial is commonplace at all levels of the Juice Plus organization. The JPRB recently published an article describing the details of a critical review of Juice Plus by CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest Crucifies Juice Plus), an organization with an absolutely stellar reputation for scientific integrity and protecting the public interest. Barlow’s equating CSPI with the National Enquirer is unfathomably idiotic. Without any real ammunition to diffuse well-founded criticism, his comment seems desperate and pathetic.

We thank Barlow for providing us the opportunity to hold up his disgraceful comments for the entire virtual world to see, proving once again the low moral standards of those involved at the highest levels in the promotion and distribution of Juice Plus products. Consumers should now be asking is a guy like Douglas Barlow someone who deserves your patronage and is this the kind of person who you would trust for health and nutritional advice for your family and friends.


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