Thursday, April 17, 2008


Readers Respond (April 18, 2008): Juice Plus Evangelism and Disease Treatment Claims

From Anonymous April 18, 2008
On one hand I am really, really glad you publish this blog. On the other it kind of breaks my heart. I know that sounds dramatic, but there is just so much proof of the downright dishonesty of this company. It is obviously easily seen, but it is nice to have a concentrated resource like this.

My in-laws have become followers of the cult of Juice Plus to the point that it is scary. I was roped into attending one of their "Nutritional Seminars" recently. I would have rather sat through a Southern Baptist tent revival than sit there and watch people get roped in based on false "research" and magical cures. The keynote speaker was a medical doctor (and even had a picture of her office on her poorly put together PowerPoint presentation) and as I am sure you know the routine. Shocking statistics about how unhealthy Americans are, the benefits of fresh fruits, the inconvenience of fresh fruits and vegetables, the ultimate pitch to just buy Juice Plus.

This speaker took things too far a few different times. At one point she said besides the fact that real fruits and vegetables are too expensive, once they are shipped and put on store shelves there is NO nutrition left in them. I can understand this bs theory coming from the individual resellers, not from the a paid spokesperson at a company sponsored event.

From Name Witheld by User's Request (April 17, 2008)
I want to thank you for the research and work you do to expose Juice Plus for what it is. I appreciate your web site and the knowledge I have gained from it. I found your web site several months ago after I was approached by a Juice Plus distributor. I found the claims that Juice Plus cures and prevents nearly everything unbelievable, so I set out to learn more about this product. I am deeply troubled by the number of friends who have fallen victim to this product.

Keep up the good work.

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