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Readers Respond (August 27, 2008)

From MagMcA (August 27, 2008)
We have been on JP since 1994 -- and distributors soon thereafter to keep our cost down -- hubby is a chiropractor so we sold a bit to patients -- but we're not the MLM type --- it's a turn off to us so we were low key and made very little off it -- just liked what we thought was a great concept to augment our diets -- we have 6 kids -- so it was used to bridge the gap between how we do eat and how we should eat ....or so we thought.

Well...I feel lied to and cheated -- and I feel sick to my stomach about selling it to anyone. I have cancelled my autoship orders and am trying to formulate a letter to customers and friends and patients that have bought JP from us. The deciding factor is that for the cost, the benefit is not significant enough to warrant our continued association with the company. I feel like we are not getting what we thought we were getting. We have discovered that the whole food concentrate is just too small a component of the total capsule. There are added vitamins -- I can get them in my multi for a better cost, and in quantities that I trust, from a source I can rely upon.

Mrs M

P.S. Have you seen any letters from distributors/doctors to their customers about the revelations that have led to our decision? I need a hand here! I'd like them to cancel their orders and resolve to eat the real thing -- exercise, drink enough water, get good sleep, manage stress and maintain a healthy weight...take a multivitamin/mineral if they want to and be happy!

JPRB Reply
We feel for you. What you are planning surely won’t be easy, but it is a noble and responsible course of action. We don’t know of any other distributors who have issued a letter of this kind to their customers. Perhaps you will be the first to do so. If you need any help drafting a letter to you clientele, just let us know and we will be happy to give you our input. And we can post it here as a resource for others who may be wish to follow suit.

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